Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Nat Geo Adoption - 4-5th May 2013

We are a small grain of sand among the desert..
Many people do not know who we are or what we do..Many times we were not invited to events and we have to approach them and ask to join...sometimes we can join sometimes we can't....................

Uncle Khoe's K9 is not a registered charity nor recognized welfare group the maintenance of our shelter goes solely by contributions from our key volunteers.

We do not have fancy posters, logo or blog as all these are main by volunteers who have other roles in their lives and we do not have huge resources..

Currently our shelter have 22 dogs and efforts to re-home breeding dogs, saving industrial mongrel puppies and feeding industrial dogs is still ongoing every day without fail, we do not huge publicised what we do, as again we do not have the time to update our blog and also the key mantra of Uncle and our leader volunteer H is we do things in a very traditional, silent way..Still our spirit and faith to re home our shelter residents and numerous canines that needs our help remains strong!

Please support us...visit us this Saturday 4th May 2013 & Sunday 5th May 2013 at East Coast Park Nat Geo event we will have a booth there.Even though our pack couldn't be there I wish you will come and give us support and introduce friends who wish to adopt a "Uncle Khoe's K9 paw pal" home to contact us, meet with us :)
Below is the flyers that we will distribute at the booth.

Thank you!

For and on behalf of Uncle Khoe 


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