Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dogs For Adoption

Kaya / Female / 1 Years Old  / Sterillized

"What Have I Done Wrong"?

Kaya asked me again & again, as she waited by the door patiently for me to bring her back "home" to her ex-adopter's house.

Kaya was rescued from an industrial area, she used to live there with her sister Butter who has since passed on due to a hit & run accident, witnessing the whole incident Kaya was petrified and spent most days hiding under the security uncle's bed, both security uncle and Kaya were injured in the accident emotionally, Uncle Krishna in particular had a fractured cheek bone while trying to save Butter, sadly he didn't manage to save Butter and end up falling flat on his face.

The heartless driver sped on at first instance without even stopping to help Uncle Krishna
who is already 65 years old this year.

After the incident we couldn't bear to continue exposing Kaya to the threat of being hit by vehicles hence she was brought back to the shelter when she was 5 months old, she was recently adopted by a couple who has pleaded with me to let them try adopting her as they felt a "connection" with her.

However after 1 month the "connection" did not last nor outweigh the fact that having a dog is a long term commitment and will hinder their plans of travelling and other personal commitments, hence Kaya was returned - "DEPRESSED"

Knowing her thoughts I could not bring myself to return her back to the kennel as she wasn't happy in the kennel especially since her best friend Baby was already adopted by a kind family, hence she is now being fostered at my home even though I really could not manage one more dog.

Kaya is a quiet & docile dog she will always mind her own business, she doesn't Pee & Poo at places she wasn't supposed to, in fact she will wait the whole day for us to walk her and she will then do her business downstairs, she does not mess up the house while we are at work always lying quietly by her bed waiting, she hardly barks as well.

At night when we are sleeping and she really needs to Pee she will do it at the Pee Pad we provided her with, when I am at home she will put her head on my legs..when I am busy she will sit quietly by the gate and wait for me.

Yes that is how docile she I do not understand why she is still not ADOPTED YET.

Currently I am really overwhelmed with dogs.
I really need to find a Sincere, Genuine, Committed Adopter for Kaya.

Kaya is Female, One years old, Sterilised, Small size (around the size of a Beagle)

All she ask is a Little Love and a Home to call her own.
Please give Kaya a chance and give her a home.

Contact : 90681278 // email:

Written By: Joan 

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