Thursday, 13 September 2012


Dear All

Purchase a copy of our 2013 Calendar in aid of the kennel dogs who count on us to give them a 2nd chance to live.

The dogs we took in are usually abandoned, Injured, sick, in danger of being culled and are mostly living on the streets.

All proceeds from the sale of these calendars will help towards the upkeep of the shelter dogs that our volunteers have dedicated our time, heart and soul.

Facts & Figures to Run our Shelter Per Month
Rental of Boarding Facility & Caregiver - $2,500/-
Can Food (10 units a day x $2.50) x 30 days - $750/-
Dry Food (20 bags x $65) - $1,300/-
Rice ( Purchase from JB or NTUC) around $10.00 a packet - we need 10 packets a month
Chicken / Liver ( We order from supplier around $350 ) a month
Miscellaneous (e.g. frontline, flea and tick shampoo, cleaning products for kennel etc...) – $600/-

All the above doesn't include medical fees for our dogs

Per calendar only cost $10.00 probably a taxi ride to you however is a full day meal for one of our dog.

Please help us , help our kennel dogs purchase a copy today!

Note: Calendar would be ready in Mid October 2012

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