Monday, 22 October 2012

RE: ADOPTION DRIVE - 21 Oct 2012 - Church Of St Mary's Of The Angels

Dear Friends 

We would like to thank all of our lovely volunteers for helping up at the adoption drive at Church of St Mary's Angels and all the kind supporters for dropping by and purchasing Uncle Khoe's 2013 calendar yesterday!

Most importantly our heartfelt thanks to Church of St Mary's Angels for allowing us to hold our adoption booth at their premises!

Our Little Booth !

One of the many adorable children at our booth with our calendars!

Ellysya our young volunteer and Jeannie with Spiderman!

Sparkle getting some TLC.

Kind Supporters of Uncle Khoe's K9 buying calendars from us :)

Barney in position =)

Sparkle // Female, 
Being with  Sparkle you will feel that everything will be okay in the end!
If is not she will just take a nap, Happy ever after is always in Sparkle's eyes :) she will brighten up any household!

Baby Bobby // Male, Bobby had been staying at the kennel since he was a puppy, he has never experience the warmth of a home or an owner...All grown up now Bobby is an exact description of the term "Black Beauty" he has a beautiful coat of black fur with streaks of brown highlights that shines under the sun! guarantee to send loads of electric current to any ladies with his deep set brown eyes!

Sweet Ember // Female Extremely good with humans, Ember is a splitting image of TOMMY the Red Dog! 
Courageous and beautiful, Loyalty is their motto! 
That makes Two Red Dogs in Uncle Khoe's K9! 

Barney // Male
Barney is always ready to plant kisses on your face or shake hands with you he is very well behaved an exact replica of Prince Charming in white :) a far cry from when he was rescued in extreme conditions 1 year ago, Barney did not chose to be born a stray every being on this earth deserves a chance a home.

Extremely Docile & Sweet Spiderman // Male
Spiderman is one the member of the Superheroes brothers they were rescued in a shipyard barely 3 months old by a kind lady, and has been staying at the kennel ever since.
Spiderman has a nice coat of brown markings over his snowy white body, he is extremely well behaved, perfect for any household especially for anyone who is looking for a quiet and lovable companion! 

Although we have no potential adopters this adoption drive we are very hopeful that someday someone, somehow will find our dogs a gem to behold! 

When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”

Written By: Joan
Photo Credits: Irene

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