Monday, 12 November 2012


"Who is Uncle Khoe?" "Uncle Khoe K9 Shelter?" "Where is it from"

"Never Heard before" was the remark we get whenever we introduce ourselves.

However we are not new to Animal Welfare, Uncle Khoe has been feeding strays for the past 14 years  however as he is no fan of the internet platform hence no publicity was being made.

Two years ago, Uncle Khoe took up a kennel space from than Zeus Communications whom had since ceased shelter operations at the current kennel we are putting up and we have taken over majority of their dogs. That explains why we are now independent and address as "Uncle Khoe's K9"

Furthermore we would like to reiterate again to all supporters of Uncle Khoe's K9 and our residents dogs who used to be from Zeus communications please note that they are now under Uncle Khoe's K9 :) and no longer affiliated with Zeus communications.

Just a brief introduction to our members of Uncle Khoe's K9 below:-

  1. Hilda - Former Zeus Volunteer
  2. Jeanie - Former Zeus Volunteer
  3. Irene - Former Zeus Volunteer
  4. Joan  & Arther - Former Zeus Volunteer
  5. Tia - Former Zeus Volunteer

and also Ida whom had been our caretaker since Zeus time and is still dedicating her time to our furry friends!

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