Saturday, 1 December 2012


"All it takes is Faith and Trust - Peter Pan"

Kind Sponsorship : - 2 x 15kg of ANF Kibbles from Ms Karis Wong

Dear Friends of Uncle Khoe's K9,

It is with deep gratitude we would like to thank all kind sponsors who have came forward to spread some cheers to us this Christmas!

Just 2 weeks ago we were fretting over the empty pantry of our resident dogs and today with blessings from god,

We are happy to announced that to date we have received the following sponsorship!!

Direct Donations of Kibbles // Can food & kennel items we would like to thank the following kind souls for their kind sponsorship. :-

Ms Karis Wong :-                                     2 x 15 kg ANF Kibbles
Ms Celia:-                                                4 x 15 kg ANF Kibbles, 24 cans Nature's Gift
Ms Huimin Xu:-                                       1 x 15kg ANF Kibbles
Woofy Kitchen:-                                      1 x 15kg ANF Kibbles
Mr Wes Goh:-                                         10 cartons Nature's Gift
Jo Henson,Xi Lin,Wei Yun,Vanessa Ho:-   24 cartons Nature's Gift
Ms Joanne:-                                            6 packets of Brits kibbles for our stray dogs feeding 

Mr Eric:-                                                2 boxes of dog bowls /1 gallon of shampoo & toys

Kind Sponsorship:- 24 cartons of Nature's Gift Can Food from Mr Jo Henson, Ms Xi Lin, Ms Wei Yun & Ms Vanessa Ho

Kind Sposorship:- 4 x 15kg of ANF Kibbles and 24 cans of Nature's Gift Can food from Ms Celia
And 2 boxes of Doggie Bowls // 1 Bottle of Shampoo and toys from Mao Mao Pet House Mr Eric

Via Bank Transfer we would like to thank the following kind souls for their kind sponsorship.

Mr Kristl Alphonso $100
Ms Pauline $300
Mr Joshua $50
Mr Andy Sim $30
Mr Pepi $250

Your contribution made a real difference and enabled us to continue doing what we are doing..
We could not have done it without all your kind support

Thank you very much for your support of Uncle Khoe's K9 & Friends!

Updated List as at 1st December 2012, we would like to apologise if we have miss out any names, we will update regularly on face book for updated list~

Written by :      Joan
Photo Credits: Arther

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