Saturday, 29 December 2012

Uncle Khoe's Times - December 2012

Dear Friends of Uncle Khoe's K9

God is good!

Today our dogs are in for a treat!

We were invited by Ms Shanice of Supernova Academy of Dog Sports
to participate in their Doggie Tingkat Meals Festive Campaign although we didn't win the most "likes" we are happy that our other friends at Mdm Wong's Shelter did :)

We were blessed and had 3 tingkat meals sponsored by a kind sponsor Ms Jennifer, 1 meat loaf and 2 tingkat meals sponsored by Supernova Accademy!!

All of us at Uncle Khoe's K9 would like to thank Ms Jennifer and also SuperNova Academy - Ms Shanice for thinking of us this festive season!

Spending Christmas with the homeless

During the Christmas Season we didn't forget about our friends who were living on the streets.. 

On Christmas Eve our two resident volunteers Mr & Mrs Tan went around feeding the resident strays that they usually does weekly.

 Along with our young volunteer Jacob this year, spreading some warmth and presence to the homeless doggies..

The dogs were happy to have roasted duck instead of Scrap food for their Christmas dinner :)

Roasted Duck
pit enjoying his food
Sharpi enjoying his food
Spotty gang relaxing after a Christmas meal :)


The number of homeless and unwanted strays will continue to grow as as they couldn't helped it themselves, when a female dog is on heat they will be attacked and raped by a pack of male dogs, male dogs will be injured trying to fight amongst other male dogs..this is a natural cycle and the only solution we can provide to our homeless strays is Sterilisation.

This is a more humane alternative, rather then culling them..

Few days before Christmas we had managed to sterilised two female 10 month old puppies whom were living in a factory caged up (for their safety as the area where they lived in has high rate of hit & run accident) 
However a caged up life is really not a life we hope someone will come forward to adopt Pepsi & Cola both female, good with human and very active.

Cola // 3 months ago 

PEPSI & COLA sterilise and return back to the factory cages

If you would like to give Pepsi & Cola a home for new year 

Please kindly contact Arther at 94775123 or write in to

If you would like to aid us in our street dog sterilisation programs please write in to us at

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated " ---Gandhi

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